22 Bahman Training Pharmacy


22 Bahman Training pharmacy of Ardabil university of medical sciences (ARUMS) has been established for training of moral and professional Pharmacy students (Pharm.D. students) to provide, maintain and promote public health in 2017. In this pharmacy, our highly qualified pharmacists and faculties provide referrals and medical doctors free consultation services in the fields of drug interaction, side effects, prescription of medications during pregnancy and lactation and etc. Moreover, a consultation room is available for confidential questions of referrals.

22 Bahman pharmacy can also provide special medications and cancer chemotherapeutic agents for referrals.



Working days Working hours
Saturday to Wednesday
7:30 am - 19:30
Thursday 7:30 am - 18:30



Address: 22 Bahman Training  Pharmacy30 Tir St., Shahid modarres Ave., Ardabil, Iran.
Phone: +98 45 332 627 62
Telefax: +98 45 332 627 64