Personal Data
Name  Saghi Sepehri 
Field of specialization Medicinal Chemistry
Academic rank Assistant professor
Phone number +98 45 335 224 37-39 (125)


The main duties

  1. Discovering potentialities of students and providing appropriate executive background toward leadership of novel educational processes/activities within the pharmacy forum 
  2. Applying update knowledge to institutionalize educational evolution along with implementation of good experiences
  3. Contextualization to offer virtual learning systems
  4. Providing regular evaluation system toward systematic assessment of faculties' educational activities and rational elucidation of the outputs
  5. Providing an appropriate medium toward comprehensive collaboration of academic faculties within establishment of educational planning, faculty assessment, research
    in education, scholarship, empowerment of manpower, guidance of potential talents, educational technology and electronic learning committees
  6. Updating the information of EDO for incorporation into the web site of the pharmacy school
  7.  Holding and leadership of the meetings for educational council
  8. Attending university EDC councils as the school representative for being notified of educational strategies along with offering suggestions, criticisms and requests   
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        (Update: October 2020)