Personal Data


Raziyeh Mohammadi


MSc in Linguistics

Job title

Head of EDO  / Head of foreign language affairs



+98 45 335 224 37-39 (148)

The main duties

  1. Defining and implementing educational standards and doing comprehensive program of education development center
  2. Curriculum revision with coordination of educational partnerships with noticing of standards
  3. Monitor the implementation of programs and educational reform (program, quality, quality assessment) and the effectiveness of training programs  
  4. Designing and monitoring of educational evaluation (program evaluation, teacher and test) and referring results to the EDC 
  5. Need assessment of students and faculties, workshops and required training courses
  6. Monitoring research in education and college curriculum committee meetings   
  7. Tracing and evaluating teachers' lesson plans and sending them to the EDC  
  8. Participation in planning and organizing ongoing education programs
  9. Doing affairs of talented students
  10. Collaboration with EDC for holding educational festivals and participating at universities and ministry ' festivals   
(Update: January 2018)