Education Development Council of Pharmacy is organized with the aim of providing a platform for discussing new teaching strategies, reforming educational organization, curriculum plan, evaluation of training programs, empowering members of the educational system and implementing new approaches in order to improve quality of pharmacy education. This council is active by holding regular meetings and exchanging members’ ideas within the context of education development.



  • Curriculum Development
  • Evaluation of Education
  • Research on Education
  • Scholarship
  • Faculty Development
  • The Elite
  • Technology and Electronic Education





Academic Rank



Dr Shahab Bohlooli

Professor in Pharmacology

Head of Pharmacology department


Dr Nima Razzaghi-Asl

Associate professor in
Medicinal chemistry

Dean of the School and Head of
Medicinal chemistry department


Dr Aziz Kamran

Associate professor in 
Health Education

Head of Education Development Center (EDC)


Dr Leila Rezaie 

Assistant professor in Pharmaceutics

School vice-dean for Education


Dr Ahmad Salimi

Assistant professor in Toxicology

School vice-dean for Research


Dr Saghi Sepehri

Assistant professor in
Medicinal chemistry

Head of Education Development Office (EDO) and the secretary


Dr Hosseinali Ebrahimi

Assistant professor in 

Head of Pharmaceutics department


Dr Mojtaba Amani

Professor in Biophysics

Faculty member


Dr Keyvan Amirshahrokhi

Associate professor in Pharmacology

Faculty member


Dr Sara Mostafalou

Associate professor in Toxicology

Faculty member


Dr Mohammad Johari

Assistant professor in Medicinal chemistry

Faculty member


Dr Seyed Mohammad Hasan Pourrashid

Assistant professor in Clinical Pharmacy

Faculty member


Dr Hamed Parsa Khankandi

Assistant professor of Pharmacognosy

Faculty member

14. Dr Zainab Ahmadian Assistant professor in 
Faculty member
15. Dr Sevda Mikaeili Assistant professor in Clinical Pharmacy Faculty member

(Updated: February 2021)

Held sessions

       No.                                                                      Session Topics             Date of Holding 

18th meeting

Curriculum committee March 09, 2021

17th meeting

 Investigating the areas and research priorities in education February 20, 2021

 16th meeting

Professional ethics in Pharmacy

January 07, 2020 
15th meeting
  • Surviving on faculties’ 96-hour workshop topics for promotion
  • Electronic coworker-coworker evaluation
  • Announcing the completion of lesson plan for faculties’ promotion
November 24, 2019
14th meeting
  • Student Education Development Committee
  • Journal of Education Development Office
  • The latest in Pharmacy Education Development
  • Top talent
  • Journal Club

July 09, 2019

13rd meeting •    Preparation tests for 180-unit exam
•    Requirements for journal club certificate
•    Style for final theoretical exams
•    The variety statistics of final exam questions
January 07, 2019
12nd meeting Illustration of the development packages of the University
          November 06, 2018
11st meeting Introduction to the regulations of faculty promotion             October 11, 2018
10th meeting

•    Summarizing of teaching methodology reports
•    Ardabil School of Pharmacy Virtual Learning Environment (VLE)
•    Specialized Pharmacy Pretest
•    Development of New Interdisciplinary Fields

          September 11, 2018
9th meeting Compilation of test evaluation guideline
              August 25, 2018
8th meeting Virtual Learning in Faculty Development                         July 18, 2016
7th meeting Tasks’ Checklist of Pharmacy Education Development Office               January 25, 2016
6th meeting Journal Club for Pharmacy Education Development             November 18, 2015
5th meeting  •    Report of 75th FIP World Congress of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences 2015 -
      International Pharmaceutical Federation (FIP)
 •    Online Education Evaluation
              October 22, 2015
4th meeting •    Evaluation of Education (Course Plan)
•    Faculty Development (Virtual Workshop)
              August 19, 2015
3rd meeting •    Evaluation of Education (Course Plan)
•    Faculty Development (Workshop)
                July 15, 2015
2nd meeting Post-graduate diploma in Pharmacy                June 11, 2015
1st meeting Revision of curriculum in doctorate of Pharmacy education                 May 14, 2015