Vice-dean of research

Personal Data


Dr Mohammad Johari

Field of specialization

Medicinal Chemistry  
Academic rank Assistant professor
Phone number

Internal number: +98 45 335 22473- (106)


The main duties:

  • Supervising the proper implementation of approved research programs, rules and regulations
  • Implementation of policies, guidelines and directives of school dean & university vice dean of research
  • Synchronization and orientation of research activities of school departments toward school goals
  • Proposing research plans to provide the appropriate conditions for research promotion
  • Policy making and strategic planning with the aim of enhancing scientific collaboration at the national and international levels
  • Development, reinforcement and direction of the approved research projects considering applied research priorities
  • Necessary studies on evaluation of research projects and assessment of annually research performance for presentation to the school dean
  • Codification of relevant research guidelines and regulations for school
  • Peering research projects and thesis and announcing the end of them
  • Coordination and holding the meetings for PharmD students` thesis defense
  • Attending the students` thesis defense meetings
  • Organization and coordination in providing scientific services and carrying out the journal clubs, seminars, scientific conferences and educational workshops
  • Supervising the library affairs
  • Supervising the activities of student research committee
  • Updating and supervision of research information for the purpose of uploading onto the school website
  • Providing the research information and statistics that are required for health ministry, relevant universities, organizations or institutions
  • Holding and leadership of the meetings for research council of the school
  • Attending university research councils as the school representative and being notified of research strategies along with offering comments, criticisms and requests
 (Update: September 2019)