Vice-Dean of Education

Personal Data


Dr Leila Rezaie Shirmard

Field of specialization

Academic rank Assistant professor
Phone number

Internal number: +98 45 335 224 35 (111)


The main duties:

1. Supervising the proper implementation of approved educational programs, rules and regulations
2. Implementation of policies, guidelines and directives of school dean & university vice dean of education
3. Planning for the development and qualitative/quantitative improvement of education in pharmacy
4. Planning for the promotion of the faculties' educational activities via regular monitoring of the educational system
5. Reporting the annual educational activities of the school to the dean
6. Planning for discovery, encouragement and support of excellent students and talented minded students
7. Synchronization and orientation of educational activities of school departments toward school goals
8. Updating educational information for the purpose of uploading on the school website
9. Holding and leadership of the meetings for educational council
10. Attending university educational councils as the school representative for being notified of educational strategies along with offering suggestions, criticisms and requests
11. Assessment of educational procedures

   (Update: January 2018)