Personal Data
Name Mahboobeh Aflaki
Education BSc in General Health
Job title

Thesis Officer


Phone Number 

+98 45 335 224 37-39 (140)


The main duties

1.Consulting the students within their dissertation affairs
2.Regular monitoring of dissertation procedures, regulations, forms and conducting required revisions in coordination with the deputy of research
3.Secretary ship of the sessions for dissertation committee
4.Primary evaluation of the offered dissertation proposals and their preparation for dissertation committee
5.Following up the review procedure of the dissertation proposals
6.Setting up the sessions for progress reports of dissertations and thesis defense
7.Following up the students for offering progress reports of their dissertation
8.Evaluating the conformity (context/appendices) of final offered dissertations with regard to the approved regulations
9.Concluding the scores of thesis defense and final approval of book made dissertations

(Update: April 2019)