Personal Data


Dr Saghi Sepehri

Field of specialization

Medicinal Chemistry 

Academic rank

Assistant professor
Phone number Internal number: +98 45 335 224 37-39 (125)

 (Update: April 2019)

The main Duties

  1. Monitoring the election of central council members of the committee
  2. Monitoring the good performance of the affairs and scientific / practical guiding of the committee and its subsidiary units
  3. Collabration with faculties and school officials for the purposes of the committee
  4. Supervising the  execution of the decisions made by the central council of the committee
  5. Collabration with other student research committees inside and outside of the university
  6. Giving the annual report of the committee activities to the school
  7. Interacting  and collaborating with member network committees
  8. Issuance of certificates for the members of the committee subsequent to the evaluation in the central council or the research council
  9. Determining the heads of subsidiary units subsequent to the evaluation in the central council
  10. Holding the  seminars, congresses and workshops of the student research committee and issuing the relevant certificates