Personal Data
Name Fariba Badrzadeh
Education BSc in Surgical Technology
Job title

Scientometrics officer


Phone Number 

+98 45 335 224 37- (139)


The main duties

1. Validation of the articles published by the faculties
2. Evaluation of the school H Index
3. Notification and supervision of unified and standard affilliation within scientific productions of the faculty
4. Identification and introduction of faculties` highly cited papers as well as evaluating effective factors on high citation to the papers 
5. Advising on the indices for journal evaluation to faculties/researchers intending to publish paper
6. Notification of faculty progress based on scientometric indicators
7. Providing a continuous report on current status, its growth rate as well as factors affecting the research output of the faculty 
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         (Update: July 2018)