Personal Data
Name Dr Nima Razzaghi-Asl

Field of specialization

Medicinal Chemistry
Academic rank Associate professor
Phone number

+98 45 335 23 833


The main Duties

  • To establish discipline and provide appropriate collaboration between students, teachers and school staff in different units
  • Notification of all issued legislation, rules and regulations of the university president to the heads of departments
  • Supervising the implementation of legislation that is communicated by the president of the university
  • Coordinating the educational, research, administrative, financial and cultural affairs
  • Supervising the implementation of educational, research and cultural duties by faculties
  • Proposing the school annual budget
  • Annual evaluation of the school and reporting the result(s) to the university president
  • Installation and dismissal of assistants, head of departments and supervising the execution of their duties
  • Recruitment of technicians and faculties in accordance with educational and research goals
  • Attending the related meetings/sessions

  (Update: April 2019)