Thesis or dissertation is a writing in which different steps of conducted research with the aim of solving a scientific problem has been incorporated. Thesis with a particular subject in a specific major is defined to achieve an educational certificate. Performance and writing a thesis is regarded as a valuable research experience for the postgraduate students since it may give rise to interest, innovation and efflorescence of students. A qualified thesis must possess a concise subject/title and should also represent a new phenomenon or result. Thesis is fundamental to many scientific researches and discoveries of scientists.

Doing research and writing a thesis requires a regularity and discipline. Therefore students should be interested in their selected subject. For preserving interest and energy, it is better for the students to select topics which that they are interested in. The best way to initiate an interesting subject is the consultation with faculties leading to a good scientific question. Answering such question is the major goal of a typical thesis.

"Procedure" is defined as a particular method of performance that compromises of several steps. Apparent definition of the subject-relevant procedures gives rise to the systematic performance of programs while providing more discipline.

Thesis forms  represent questionnaires that are filled out by school responsibles, faculties and students within various steps of introduction, approval, performance and defense of the thesis. Such forms assist in regular progression of thesis-related steps.

One of the major goals behind writing a thesis is familiarizing students with accurate writing styles and offering a delicate and accurate scientific report. In this regard, observance of a definite and unified writing style by the students seems to be mandatory.

Research interests are indicative of those scientific domains in which the faculties of pharmacy school perform their research. It is recommended to the students to select their thesis subject after going throug the faculties' interests and therefore choosing the subject with more correctness.

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