Members of the Policy Council

Dr Nima Razzaghi Asl (Head of Pharmacy Faculty)
Dr Ahmed Salimi (Committee Chief)
Amir Mohammad Ghorbanpur (secretary of committee)
Donya Doostkamel (the core member)
Saleh Khezri (the core member)
Daniel Gholamin(the core member)

Saman Atashbar(the core member)
Alireza Rezaee (Director of Planning and Budget Group)
Mohsen Azad ( active student at Student Research Committee)

How to choose

The Policy Council has been set up to plan and prepare the Strategic Program for the Student Research Committee.How to choose the

members of the policy council:

  1. Responsible for the College Student Research Committee
  2. Faculty of Management
  3. Secretary of the College Student Research Committee
  4. Central core members
  5. Planning and Budget Management Director
  6. One of the students with the most experience in the Student Research Committee


  1. Explaining the 5-year program of the research committee
  2. Determine one-year strategic plan
  3. Planning for the general program of communicating with the Central Policy Council
  4. Determine the priorities of the Center in terms of objectives and outline
  5. Study on the Need for the Review of Infrastructure and Components of the Student Research Committee