Secretary of Committee

Salva Afshari

Pharmacy Student, 2017 enterance


contact:  internal number   +98 4533522437-39(112)

How to choose

The secretary of the faculty is elected by the Central core and sugested to the supervisor; then the candidate is appointed to the position of the secretary of the faculty Student Research Committee for a term of one year.


  • Conduct internal and external committee work
  • Implementation of the Articles of Association, Central Committee Decrees, Regulations and Strategic Plan
  • Supervision and coordination between committee groups, councils and units
  • Provide a quarterly report on the activities of the committee to the central and central council on the basis of documentation
  • Tracking and monitoring the activities of the active members of the Student Research CommitteeCollaborate on holding college committee elections
  • Supervising the good conduct of affairs of the research centers of the student colleges, councils and the scientific-research and practical conduct of the committee
  • Carrying out the necessary coordination of scientific and research trips of the members of the Center to congresses, conferences and research centers, both domestic and foreign
  • Reflects the needs of each of the sections to the committee responsible for student research
  • Establishing an appropriate system for receiving suggestions and criticisms from members of the Center
  • Participated in meetings of the Central Council as a representative of the College Student Research Committee