Autumn School

The Student Research Committee of Ardabil University of Medical Sciences is obliged to help students who are interested in research, on all along their path; in this regard, we have provided a fall school to begin the initial steps of research, alongside learning teamwork. In this school, we will take the following steps together:

  1.      Determine the title of research
  2.      Advanced search in information sources, to ensure innovation in the title and getting to know the methods of similar projects.
  3.      Proposals (theoretical and practical)
  4.      Work with Endnote software
  5.      Getting to know the structure of the article

At the end of the workshops, participants in triple groups will have their research proposals that prizes will be awarded to three top-level proposals, and will directly enter the registration process without reviewing the research council.

In addition, 3 optional workshops inclusive applied Traditional Medicine, a health management simulator (shams), and handling and injections in laboratory animalshave been provided to instructor students. We hope that during the first year of the Autumn School of Ardabil University of Medical Sciences, along with this workshop and Recreational programs, we will bring joy of science to interested students.

School's Chairman

Donya Doostkamel- Pharmacy Student, incoming 2015


 Exutive Team

Row Full Name Major Post
1 Donya Doostkamel Pharmacy Student, Incoming 2015 School's Chairman
2 Amir Mohammad Ghorbanpour Pharmacy Student, Incoming 2014 Scientific Secretary
3 Sahar Ameli Dentistry Student Connector with Faculty of Dentistry
4 Mina Mordi Heaith Student Connector with Faculty of Health
5 Reyhaneh Golozari Lab Sciense Student Connector with Faculty of Medical
6 Sona Rezaei Medical Biochemistry Student Connector with Faculty of Paramedical
7 Masoud Kohansal Nursing Student Connector with Faculty of Nursing
8 Farzaneh Rostami Pharmacy Student, Incoming 2015 Exutive Team Member
9 Fatemeh Moafi Madani Pharmacy Student, Incoming 2015 Exutive Team Member
10 Shadi Dadman Dentistry Student Exutive Team Member
11 Saleh Khezri Pharmacy Student, Incoming 2014 Exutive Team Member
12 Saman Atashbar Pharmacy Student, Incoming 2015 Exutive Team Member
13 Alireza Rezaei Pharmacy Student, Incoming 2014 Exutive Team Member
14 Mohammad Ghodsi Pharmacy Student, Incoming 2013 Exutive Team Member
15 Hila Asham Pharmacy Student, Incoming 2014 Exutive Team Member
16 Danial Gholamin Pharmacy Student, Incoming 2015 Exutive Team Member
17 Radin Alikhani Pharmacy Student, Incoming 2014 Exutive Team Member
18 Mina Azami Dentistry Student Exutive Team Member
19 Aref Fayyazi Student At Ardabil Azad University Exutive Team Member
20 Shervin Shabanzadeh Student At Ardabil Azad University Exutive Team Member
21 Aynaz Khalafi Student At Ardabil Mohaghegh University Exutive Team Member
22 Shaghayegh Hoseini Aghdam Pharmacy Student, Incoming 2017 Exutive Team Member
23 Maryam Mohammadpour Pharmacy Student, Incoming 2018 Exutive Team Member
24 Afsaneh Peyghami Health Student Exutive Team Member


                                                                                              School Schedule

                  8-10                     10-12 12-14                       14-16 16-18               18-20
22 nov   

Pharmacy School Deen Speach

Introducing and grouping the participants

Workshop for determining the title of research
 lunch  Advanced Search in Information Resources Workshop  Screenplay in the Enghelab Cinema
23 nov   Meeting with the Jury  Proposal Writing Workshop  lunch     Proposal Writing Workshop and Endnote Workshop
24 nov   Article Writing Workshop  Traditional Practical Workshop  lunch   Health Management Simulator Workshop   Visit the Tomb of Sheikh Safi
25 nov   Laboratory Animal Handling and Injection Workshop   -  Iranian Spa Resort
26 nov       -    Closing ceremony and announcing the results

Dear students who are going to attend the Autumn school

The enrollment of Autumn Pajoheshgarsho School will perfurm in two parts. The first form is for registering people who are willing to attend school workshops and the second is for those who want to attend volunteer workshops. The important point is that the registration of both series of workshops is separate and there is also the possibility to register at optional workshops, even for non-attending students.


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