The head of SRC

Head of Student Research Committee (SRC):

Dr Nasim Hajighahramani, PharmD, PhD

Assistant Professor of  Pharmaceutical Biotechnology

Department of Pharmacognosy and Biotechnology, School of Pharmacy

Ardabil University of Medical Sciences


contact:  internal number +98 45 33522437-39 (119)

Secretary of Committee

Salva Afshari

Pharmacy Student, 2017 enterance


contact:  internal number   +98 4533522437-39(112)

How to choose

  • The head:

According to the Code of State for the selection of the Head of the SRC, the Head of committee should be close to the students in terms of age and have a good research background. Of the eligible individuals, two will be selected by the Central Committee of the Research Committee of the Faculty after voting and will be introduced to the chair of the University's Research Committee. Finally, the chairman of the committee will introduce one of these candidates to the faculty and, with the approval of the faculty dean, he\she will be issued to the SRC office.

  • The secretary:

The secretary of the faculty is elected by the Central core and sugested to the supervisor; then the candidate is appointed to the position of the secretary of the faculty Student Research Committee for a term of one year.

The main duties

  • The head:
  1. Monitoring the election of central council members of the committee
  2. Monitoring the good performance of the affairs and scientific / practical guiding of the committee and its subsidiary units
  3. Collabration with faculties and school officials for the purposes of the committee
  4. Supervising the  execution of the decisions made by the central council of the committee
  5. Collabration with other student research committees inside and outside of the university
  6. Giving the annual report of the committee activities to the school
  7. Interacting  and collaborating with member network committees
  8. Issuance of certificates for the members of the committee subsequent to the evaluation in the central council or the research council
  9. Determining the heads of subsidiary units subsequent to the evaluation in the central council
  10. Holding the  seminars, congresses and workshops of the student research committee and issuing the relevant certificates
  • The secretary:
  1. Conduct internal and external committee work
  2. Implementation of the Articles of Association, Central Committee Decrees, Regulations and Strategic Plan
  3. Supervision and coordination between committee groups, councils and units
  4. Provide a quarterly report on the activities of the committee to the central and central council on the basis of documentation
  5. Tracking and monitoring the activities of the active members of the Student Research CommitteeCollaborate on holding college committee elections
  6. Supervising the good conduct of affairs of the research centers of the student colleges, councils and the scientific-research and practical conduct of the committee
  7. Carrying out the necessary coordination of scientific and research trips of the members of the Center to congresses, conferences and research centers, both domestic and foreign
  8. Reflects the needs of each of the sections to the committee responsible for student research
  9. Establishing an appropriate system for receiving suggestions and criticisms from members of the Center
  10. Participated in meetings of the Central Council as a representative of the College Student Research Committee