Research Group

The group was set up to provide scientific advice and methodology to students, to hold meetings of the research council, to follow the approval of student research projects and scientometrics.
This group has been created for the first time in June 2012 in the fourth round of the Student Research Committee of the School of Pharmacy and is responsible for policy-making and designing of students' scientific studies and assessments.

✔️Saleh Khezri

Pharmacy Student, incoming 2014

  1. Creating an opportunity to collaborate on joint research projects with other organizations and universities of
  2. the country by signing a memorandum of understanding
  3. Attract students to collaborate on research projects
  4. Get ideas and plans from professors and students to connect with volunteer students. Collaborate on projects
  5. Evaluation of academic and executive activities of colleges
  6. Developing studies and expanding academic cooperation between professors and students

✔️Reearch Council Members:

Row Full Name Academic Rank Post
1 Dr Ahmad Salimi Assistant professor in Toxicology Deen
2 Amir Mohammad Ghorbanpour Pharmacy Student Member
3 Donya Doostkamel Pharmacy Student Secratary
4 Dr Mohammad Johari Ahar Assistant professor in Medicinal Chemistry Member
5 Dr Saghi Sepehri Assistant professor in Medicinal Chemistry Member
6 Dr Hoseinali aebrahimi Assistant professor in Pharmacutics Member
7 Dr Mohammad Hasan Pourrashid Assistant professor in Phamacotherapy Member
8 Radin Alikhani Pharmacy Student Member
9 Behzad Farhangi Pharmacy Student Member
10 Reza Mamizadeh Pharmacy Student Member


✔️How to select council members:

The Research Council of the Student Research Committee of the College is a council under the supervision of the core of the Student Research Committee of the relevant faculty that deals with the study, approval and monitoring of student research projects. The council is formed at each faculty and after approval of accepted student plans in the research council of the university research committee and a contract signed by the university and the student can make his own plan.

The research council consists of 10 members, 5 members of the faculty, 2 students, secretary, supervisor and research unit manager (secretary, head of the committee of the faculty and the head of the research unit as a council member and do not need to be notified) by the The secretary is elected on the basis of a dissent record, and the verdict is issued by the head of the Student Research Committee of the University for one year.


Compilation and approval of college research policies
Planning to establish the terms of reference for the approval of the Central Research Committee
Reviewing and approving student college research programs and referrals to the Central Research Committee
Reviewing and approving scientific conferences and proposing them to the Central Board of the Research Committee of the Faculty


✔️Useful links:

  1. Proposal Submission Process
  2. Student Research Committee Projects

✔️Unit experts: Donya Doostkamel (Pharmacy Student, incoming 2015)

  1. Assist and follow up with the research director on the approval process of the research projects in all stages,
  2. including sending to the referees, submitting comments to the executives and implementing the amendments.
  3. Assist in the meetings of the research committee of the Student Research Committee
  4. Assist in the teaching of the research system of the university to the teachers and research departments of the colleges
  5. Advising students on research topics

✔️Useful links:

  1. Full Proposal Download
  2. A Guide for Writing Research Proposal
  3. Submition of a Research Proposal

✔️Unit experts: Hila Asham (Pharmacy Student, incoming 2014)

Scientometric Unit Homepage
The purpose of the science-assessment is to evaluate the latest advances in the scientific research activities of the Student Research Committee of the colleges in each of the substitutes and affiliates, and the factors influencing its development.
Scientific metrics in the Student Research Committee of the University with other centers inside and outside the university are different. Some of its causes can be distinguished from the criteria for assessing student institutions of the Ministry of Health and Medical Education Research Delegation, the differences in structure with Other centers of scientometrics and ...
Also, the manager responsible for introducing a top student is routine based on the evaluation indicators during the last week of the study week and every three months.

✔️ Duties:

  1. Assessing the management and members of the Student Research Committee from a scientific and executive perspective
  2. Selection of the top student at the end of each chapter
  3. Selection of the Executive Student on an annual basis
  4. Evaluation of the activities of the research committee
  5. The evaluation and assessment indicators for the identification of superior executive and scientific personnel are
  6. discussed in detail in the articles of association of the Central Research Committee of the University and are based on that selection.

✔️Useful links:

  1. Research Report Form
  2. How to rate research activities
  3. How to rate executive activities

✔️ Development Studies Unit:
Unit experts: Nahid Etefaghi (Pharmacy Student, incoming 2013)
This unit is designed to develop student projects and increase the cooperation of professors and students so that the number of people who are interested in a particular field, under the supervision and supervision of the professor, can, by holding workshops and club magazine for it Obtain research and article proposals.


  1. Formation of a study group in various fields related to the field
  2. Attract students and interest them in research
  3. Announcement of the program of holding scientific and technical workshops for the education manager
  4. Announcement of the request for a scientific and specialized journal to the school principal
  5. Teach students to write proposal proposals