Definition of the Research Committee:

The Student Research Committee is a position independent of political and religious orientations and adhering to Islamic Republic system rules. To promote the level of knowledge, to create and strengthen the research spirit, to support the collective research activities of students, to guide and empower students for efficiency and development Scientific research.

The committee is composed of members of the student and a faculty member as a supervisor and the activities of this committee are determined by the opinion and vote among these individuals. This college student is called the core of the Student Research Committee of the Schools, who, by voting from the students The faculty is selected. Among the selected individuals, a person is introduced as a secretary who represents the research committee at the Central Student Committee of the University and is responsible for the implementation of all committee approvals.

Committees duties

  1. Creating research driven and creative thinking
  2. Organizing and supporting research activities of students
  3. Discover the talent and interests of students and direct them
  4. Creating the motivation and institutionalization of research culture among students
  5. Empowering students by holding classes and workshops related to scientific and research techniques and methods.
  6. Establishing a logical and efficient relationship between faculty members and students to collaborate on the project
  7. Providing opportunities for publishing, presenting and applying the results of student research
  8. Research and evaluation of student research activities in the strategic plan
  9. Establishing and developing a qualitative research journal of the Student Research Committee
  10. Creation and development of collaborative networks of student researches inside and outside the university
  11. Strengthening the relationship of the Student Research Committee with community-based research through participation in the project


The Ardabil Pharmaceutical Faculty Research Committee was established on March 12, 2014 (2014) with the support of the Faculty Director, Dr. Shahab Bahluli, and Dr. Nima Razaghi was originally appointed as the first chairman of the committee.

After the first election, Mohsen Azad was selected as the first secretary of the research committee, and after the start of the college students' activity, they started designing the committee logo, which was designed by Mrs. Tina Solk Ghaffari and digital designer Amir Mohammad Ghorbanpour and Mohammad Ghodsi. And the cup and pen and book were chosen in the name of research in pharmacy.
The Dar-monama Magazine also began its activity after some time, which was a research journal, and now it has resumed its activity after one year's interruption with the permission of the university's cultural deputy.
The activities of this committee have not been limited to the magazine over the years, they have been conducting an open class English-language classroom and journal clubs and workshops. Finally, in the year 95, the third Annual Seminar on Pharmaceutical Students in Ardebil was submitted to the Committee of Investigations, as well as the committee's responsibilities. Dr Ahmed Salimi, Associate Professor of Toxicology at the Faculty of Pharmacy.

In 1397, in February, Mr Amir Mohammad Ghorbanpur was elected as secretary and many workshops were held. In the end, after the general election of Amir Mohammad Ghorbanpour University and Dr. Ahmed Salimi, again as secretary and responsible for the election From this date, the committee's research activities and arbitration began


Promotion of research and recognition as one of the most active research committees in the field of research and research in the region and the country, in collaboration with research committees at college and other universities, is an effective step in promoting research among the students of this frontier. And canvas.