Members of the central core of the SRC

Amir Mohammad Ghorbanpur (secretary of committee) - Pharmacy student, entrance 93
Donya Doostkamel -Pharmacy student, entrance 94
Saleh Khezri - Pharmacy student, entrance 93
Saman Atashbar - Pharmacy student, entrance 94
Daniel Gholamin - Pharmacy student, entrance 94

How to choose

In order to select the members of the core of the colleges, each year, the registration of applicants is made in May each year, and after approval by the Central Council, people are determined by the elections, the number of students depends on the population of college students, and based on The election regulations are conducted by the Student Research Committee of the University.

After the election, the elected members of the meeting will be elected by voting among the volunteers from the central core, and will be appointed as the executive officer of the committee approvals and the committee representative at the central committee of the university for one year.


  • Deciding on office issues as well as unforeseen cases in the statute
  • Propose to elect and modify the secretary to the committee officer
  • Offering a selection and change of responsibility to the head of the Student Research Committee of the University
  • Applying and evaluating the 6-month performance report from the secretary
  • Supervising the meetings of the General Assembly and the Committee