Dr Mojtaba Amani

  1. Ral signaling pathway in health and cancer
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  2. Correlation of serum vascular adhesion protein-1 with airflow limitation and quality of life in stable chronic obstructive pulmonary disease
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  3. The status of glycation in protein aggregation
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  4. What can we get from varying scan rate in protein differential scanning calorimetry?
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  5. Osmolytic Effect of Sucrose on Thermal Denaturation of Pea Seedling Copper Amine Oxidase
    M Amani, A Barzegar, M Mazani
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  6. The Impact of Internal Marketing and Market Orientation on Performance: An Empirical Study in Restaurant Industry
    R Salehzadeh, J Khazaei Pool, RA Tabaeeian, M Amani, M Mortazav
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Dr Keyvan Amirshahrokhi

  1. Methylsulfonylmethane is effective against gastric mucosal injury
    K Amirshahrokhi, AR Khalili
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Dr Shahab Bohlooli

  1. Cytokine profile of leishmania infantum fucose-mannose ligand in vaccinated dogs in the Northwest of  Iran
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  2. An innovative method for analysis of Pb (II) in rice, milk and water samples based on TiO 2 reinforced caprylic acid hollow fiber solid/liquid phase microextraction
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  3. Fe3O4/polyethylene glycol nanocomposite as a solid‐phase microextraction fiber coating for the determination of some volatile organic compounds in water
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  4. Alpha-tocopherol reduces brain edema and protects blood-brain barrier integrity following focal cerebral ischemia in rats
    AH Azar, S Oryan, S Bohlooli, H Panahpour
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Dr Mohammad Johari

  1. Doxorubicin-conjugated D-glucosamine-and folate-bi-functionalised In P/ZnS quantum dots for cancer cells imaging and therapy
    Z Ranjbar-Navazi, M Eskandani, M Johari-Ahar, A Nemati, H Akbari, Hamid Akbari, S Davaran, Y Omidi
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  2. Development of screen-printed tryptophan-kynurenine immunosensor for in vitro assay of kynurenine-mediated immunosuppression effect of cancer cells on activated T-cells
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  3. A study on the imaging characteristics of Gold nanoparticles as a contrast agent in X-ray computed tomography
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  4. Environment effect on spectral and charge distribution characteristics of some drugs of folate derivatives
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  5. A Review on Aptamer-Conjugated Quantum Dot Nanosystems for Cancer Imaging and Theranostic
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Dr Sara Mostafalou

  1. Pesticides: an update of human exposure and toxicity
    S Mostafalou, M Abdollahi
    Archives of toxicology 91 (2), 549-599

Dr Nima Razzaghi-asl

  1. Molecular Modeling of Human CCR2 Receptor within POPC Lipid Bilayer
    A Ebadi, D Dastan, M Azami, A Karimi, N Razzaghi-Asl
    Structural Chemistry, 28 (3), 849-857
  2. Synthesis and toxicity assessment of 3-oxobutanamides against human lymphocytes and isolated mitochondria
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  3. Effect of organic co-solvents in the evaluation of the hydroxyl radical scavenging activity by the 2-deoxyribose degradation assay: The paradigmatic case of α-lipoic acid
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  4. Response surface methodology in drug design: A case study on docking analysis of a potent antifungal fluconazole
    F Bohlooli, S Sepehri, N Razzaghi-Asl
    Computational Biology and Chemistry
  5. Dabco containing acidic poly (ionic liquid): An efficient catalyst for the one-pot Preparation of 2, 3-dihydroquinazoline-4 (1H)-ones
    Mohammad Kazem Mohammadi, Seyyed Jafar Saghanezhad, N Razzaghi-asl
    Bulletin of the Chemical Society of Ethiopia, 31 (3), 535-544

Dr Leila Rezaie Shirmard

  1. Nanoparticulate fingolimod delivery system based on biodegradable poly (3-hydroxybutyrate-co-3-hydroxyvalerate)(PHBV): design, optimization, characterization and in-vitro evaluation
    L Rezaie Shirmard, N Bahari Javan, MR Khoshayand, A Kebriaee-zadeh, R Dinarvand, FA Dorkoosh
    Pharmaceutical development and technology, 22 (7), 860-870
  2. Preparation, characterization and in vivo evaluation of a combination delivery system based on hyaluronic acid/jeffamine hydrogel loaded with PHBV/PLGA blend nanoparticles for prolonged delivery of Teriparatide
    NB Javan, H Montazeri, L Rezaie Shirmard, NJ Omid, GR Barbari, M Amini, MH Ghahremani, M Rafiee-Tehrani, FA Abedin Dorkoosh
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  3. Application of Artificial Neural Networks in the Design and Optimization of a Nanoparticulate Fingolimod Delivery System Based on Biodegradable Poly (3-Hydroxybutyrate-Co-3-Hydroxyvalerate)
    S Shahsavari, L Rezaie Shirmard, M Amini, FA Dokoosh
    Journal of pharmaceutical sciences, 106 (1), 176-182

Dr Ahmad Salimi

  1. Curcumin Protects Mitochondria and Cardiomyocytes from Oxidative Damage and Apoptosis Induced by Hemiscorpius Lepturus Venom
    P Naserzadeh, SN Mehr, Z Sadabadi, E Seydi, A Salimi, J Pourahmad
    Drug Research
  2. Inhalation exposure of Nano Diamond Induced Oxidative Stress in Lung, Heart and Brain
    Y Khosravi, A Salimi, J Pourahmad, P Naserzadeh, E Seydi
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  3. Single-walled carbon nanotube, multi-walled carbon nanotube and Fe2O3 nanoparticles induced mitochondria mediated apoptosis in melanoma cells
    P Naserzadeh, F Ansari Esfeh, M Kaviani, K Ashtari, R Kheirbakhsh, A Salimi, J Pourahmad
    Cutaneous and Ocular Toxicology, 1-10
  4. Inhibition of glucose-6-phosphate dehydrogenase protects hepatocytes from aluminum phosphide-induced toxicity
    A Salimi, M Paeezi, BS Yousefsani, S Shadnia, H Hassanian-Moghaddam, N Zamani, J Pourahmad
    Pesticide Biochemistry and Physiology
  5. Analysis of Cytotoxic Effects of Nickel on Human Blood Lymphocytes
    MH Zarei, SF Hosseini Shirazi, M Aghvami, A Salimi, J Pourahmad
    Toxicology Mechanisms and Methods, 1-27
  6. β-lactam Structured, 4-(4-(Methylsulfonyl) phenyl)-1-pentyl-3-phenoxyazetidin-2-one: Selectively Targets Cancerous B Lymphocyte Mitochondria
    N Pirahmadi, A Zarghi, A Salimi, H Arefi, J Pourahmad
    Anti-Cancer Agents in Medicinal Chemistry (Formerly Current MedicinalChemistry-Anti-Cancer Agents)
  7. Xylene Induces Oxidative Stress and Mitochondria Damage in Isolated Human Lymphocytes
    A Salimi, BS Talatappe, J Pourahmad
    Toxicological research, 33 (3), 233
  8. Analysis of cytotoxic effects of chlorhexidine gluconate as antiseptic agent on human blood lymphocytes
    A Salimi, B Alami, J Pourahmad
    Journal of Biochemical and Molecular Toxicology
  9. Synthesis and toxicity assessment of 3-oxobutanamides against human lymphocytes and isolated mitochondria
    N Razzaghi-Asl, E Seydi, R Alikhani, S Rezvani, R Miri, A Salimi
    Environmental Toxicology and Pharmacology, 51, 71-84
  10. Selective toxicity of persian gulf sea cucumber holothuria parva on human chronic lymphocytic leukemia b lymphocytes by direct mitochondrial targeting
    A Salimi, A Motallebi, M Ayatollahi, E Seydi, AR Mohseni, M Nazemi, J Pourahmad
    Environmental toxicology, 32 (4), 1158-1169
  11. Chrysin as an Anti-Cancer Agent Exerts Selective Toxicity by Directly Inhibiting Mitochondrial Complex II and V in CLL B-lymphocytes
    A Salimi, MH Roudkenar, E Seydi, L Sadeghi, A Mohseni, N Pirahmadi, J Pourahmad
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  12. Toxicity of lithium on isolated heart mitochondria and cardiomyocyte: A justification for its cardiotoxic adverse effect
    A Salimi, E Gholamifar, P Naserzadeh, MJ Hosseini, J Pourahmad
    Journal of biochemical and molecular toxicology, 31 (2)
  13. Toxicity of Atorvastatin on Pancreas Mitochondria: A Justification for Increased Risk of Diabetes Mellitus
    M Sadighara, Z Amirsheardost, M Minaiyan, V Hajhashemi, P Naserzadeh, A Salimi, E Seydi, J Pourahmad
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  14. Potentiating role of copper on spatial memory deficit induced by beta amyloid and evaluation of mitochondrial function markers in the hippocampus of rats
    J Pourahmad, M Abdollahi, A Salimi

Dr Saghi Sepehri