Animal Laboratory Unit

Animal Laboratory Unit (ALU)

Animal-based in vivo study is an important part of the faculties’ overall research program. However, using animals for research is still essential medical progress. The animal laboratory unit (ALU) of pharmacy school is a one floor building located in the campus of school which was established in 2015 and then equipped in 2018 for keeping animals used in research. The building contains housing areas and rooms for holding workshop, keeping animals (rodents), surgery and conducting behavioral studies. ALU is under management of vice-dean for research of the pharmacy school. 

Laboratory and Room

Animal house equipment

Surgery room

Normal Scale

Behavioral test Lab

Shuttle box

Research on digestive system Lab

Elevated plus Maze

Washing room

Open field box

Injection room and gavage

CO2 Capsule

Animal storage room


Workshop room



  • Principal Investigators are responsible for ensuring that:
  1. Studies involving animals are planned ethically and with the welfare of the animals, received the appropriate ethical approval, as required, and also complied with the appropriate legislation.
  2. They and their researchers are fully conversant with the legislation governing the research.
  3. They are committed to replacing, refining and reducing the use of animals in scientific procedures (3Rs).


  • Ethical review requirements

The ethical review requirements for each category of animal research listed in section 3 are indicated here. Full details of the ethical review requirements can be found in the guidance document.

Working with laboratory animals

  1. Keep calm
  2. Contact the school security on 045-33522437 and describe what has happened and where you are
  3. Call Emergency Medical Teams (EMT) if it is necessary
  4. Give a brief, clear and precise explanation of the problem to the assistant team

Due to the possibility of Corona-virus and other pathogens prevalence, it is necessary to purchase and entry of new animals into animal laboratory unit of Ardabil Pharmacy School under supervision of Dr Masoomeh Dadkhah (the head of ALU).