Library brochure of pharmacy school

✔️ History:
The library of pharmacy school has started its activities since 2013, and the library system is open, using the NLM system, and being trusted online using the Koha software.

✔️ Aims and Perspectives:
Given the increasing importance of research and education information, the goal of the pharmacy school library is to provide library services and information to students, faculties and staff.

- Collecting and maintaining and managing resources for education and research
- Directions for searching resources
- Provide reference and computerized information services to all clients
- Holding related workshops

✔️ User community:
Students, faculties and staff.

✔️  Library introduction:

Library of the school provides a scientific medium with various books & journals related to pharmacy and pharmaceutical sciences. Some characteristics of the library are as follows:

  • Approximatesurfacearea: 300 m2
  • Koha integratedlibrary system (version 3.12)
  • More than a thousand books (electronic & printed)

    Working hours:
    Working days Working hours
    Saturday - Wednesday 08:00 AM - 20:00 PM         
    Thursday 08:00 AM - 01:00 PM

Membership process

Refer to the library Complete the membership form along with a photo piece → Register the profile and membership number in the library software → Obtain the user ID and password from the software → Log into the library software and load the photo in the relevant part → Use library facilities 24 hours after membership

Book borrowing process

Applying for a library  Applying for bookkeeping by the referring user → Registering required book information and introductory name  Is the book trusted?  No → Book lending to the Applicant                                                                    ↓
                                           The return of borrowed books to the library at due time
                                                            Book lending to the Applicant

Book extension process

Deadline for book deal → Referring to the library along with borrowed books → Applying for an extended book → Reviewing the status of the book → Is the number of demand for a book remarkable?  →  Yes → Extended book
No book renewal and no return to library