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Top News & Events

The 4th national workshop of "Molecular Dynamic Simulation and its Application in Medicinal Chemistry" was held

August 21, 2019

On Monday, 19 August 2019, the 4th national workshop of "Molecular Dynamic Simulation and its Application in Medicinal Chemistry" focused on step-by-step training of Gromacs ...

The 7th national workshop of "Molecular docking and its application in drug design" was held

August 18, 2019

On Sunday, 18 August 2019, the 7th national workshop of "Molecular docking and its application in drug design" focused on AutoDock and its application in the design of ...

Joint meeting of honored vice-chancellor of research and technology of university with officials and faculties of pharmacy school

August 18, 2019

On Saturday 17 August 2019, a session among Dr Shahab Bohlooli (Vice-chancellor of research and technology of University), Dr Mohsen Sagha (Head of research of University), ...

The workshop entitled "Training of working with the thesis and research projects registration system" was held in pharmacy school

August 17, 2019

On Thursday, August 15, 2019, the workshop for students entitled "Training of working with the registration of thesis and research projects system" was held at 10:00 to 12:00 ...

Announcement of holding the summer school of Ardabil University of Medical Sciences

August 15, 2019

With the collaboration of the Cinnagen Pharmacy Company and the world wide web on science education and research (USERN) Focused on competition for the acquisition of ...