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Top News

Faculty's top paper

  1. Characterization and antibacterial activity of phthalides from the roots of the medicinal herb Levisticum officinale WDJ Koch.
    M Miran, HR Monsef Esfahani, JH Jung, A Aliahmadi, D Skropeta, ...
    Iranian Journal of Pharmaceutical Research
  2. Trifluoperazine an Antipsychotic Drug and Inhibitor of Mitochondrial Permeability Transition Protects Cytarabine and Ifosfamide-Induced Neurotoxicity
    A Kiani, SH Nik, A Khodadoost, A Salimi, J Pourahmad
    Drug Research 70 (06), 265-272
Other papers in 2020

Due to the possibility of Corona-virus and other pathogens prevalence, it is necessary to purchase and entry of new animals into animal laboratory unit of Ardabil Pharmacy School under supervision of Dr Masoomeh Dadkhah (the head of ALU).