Clinical education is one of the critical stages of medical science education that plays a major role in creating professional competencies. Improving the quality of clinical education requires continuous review of the status quo, identification of strengths, and correction of weaknesses.

Introductory practice experience

The goal of this stage is to obtain the necessary abilities to apply thought and independence, and to conclude rapidly in order to reasonably and correctly deal with the patient, and to design a preventive and therapeutic operation.The pharmacy practice lesson in urban areas is also important for pharmaceutical students in promoting their professional and social quality and are the objectives of this course. Even the accurate and regular implementation of the training cycles of this lesson can lead to the promotion of the work of the colleagues of the pharmacist at the community level, and the people's view also undergoes beneficial and positive changes to the pharmacy and pharmacist.

Advanced practice experience

The goal of this stage is to develop skills, strengthen decision-making power, increase reliance on self-esteem and complete the development of thought in order to gain practical mastery of practical skills through work in the real working environment and direct exposure of interns to health and medical issues.

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