The academic staff inside and outside of the faculty are periodically invited to give lecture on the specialties related to the pharmaceutical sciences. The objective of lectures at the School of Pharmacy is to provide students the new concepts in the field and give them knowledge-based clues to find their future role in health care system.

Held lectures

Title Instructor Date
Introduction to the field of Clinical Pharmacy Dr Sevda Mikaeili Mirak May 2017
Math in Pharmacy: Insights to its roles and applications Dr Shahab Bohlooli April 2015
Pharmaceutical biotechnology & pharmaceutical industry Dr Ameneh Eslamparast Apri  2015
Introduction to the field of pharmaceutics Dr Narges Shokri November 2014
The history of pharmacy in Iran Dr Shahab Bohlooli October 2014
Acquaintance with pharm.D program Dr Shahab Bohlooli September 2014
Explaining the pharmacist`s role in health community Dr Zahra Ajami March 05 2014