Journal clubs at the School of Pharmacy are organized meetings held as a training program to get the general principles of evidence-based practice and enhance the assessment skills. Herein, development of professional programs and updating scientific information in the field of pharmacy are focused by academia.

Held professionsl journal clubs

Title Instructor Date
An Overview of Biofuel Technology Dr Nasim Hajighahramani October 2019
Bioautography and its scope in the field of natural product chemistry Dr Mansour Miran June 2019
Response surface method and its application in pharmacy Dr Nima Razzaghi-Asl January 2019
Drug-induced mitochondrial dysfunction and cardiotoxicity  Dr Ahmad Salimi January 2019
Incretin based therapy in DM2 Dr Seyed Mohammad Hasan Pourrashid November 2018
Introduction to principles, methods and data interpretation of DLS technique Dr Hossein Ali Ebrahimi November 2018
Application of high resolution optical microscopy in biomedicine Dr Mohammad Johari October 2018
3D Printing technology in pharmacutical drug products Dr Leila Rezai September 2018
Drug Repositioning Dr Nima Razzaghi-Asl August 2018
A review on application of nanocarriers in cancer therapy Dr Hossein Ali Ebrahimi January 2017
Mitochondrial alterations in cancer cells; Potential for new therapies Dr Ahmad Salimi January 2017
Prodrug strategies in drug design Dr Saghi Sepehri December 2016
Quantum dots: New generation of nanoparticles for bio imaging Dr Mohammad Johari August 2016

Ribosome Inhibiting Proteins (RIBs) and Horizons for Cancer Therapy

Dr Shahab Bohlooli April  2016
Molecular drug properties and Drug-likeness Dr Nima Razzaghi-Asl December  2015
The impact of click chemistry in Medicinal Chemistry Saghi Sepehri October  2015
Iranian pharmaceutical biotechnology companies Dr Ameneh Eslamparast September  2015
Emulsion polymerization Dr Narges Shokri July  2015
Metabolic toxicity of persistent organic pollutants Dr Sara Mostafalou July  2015
Similarity in drugs: Reflectionson analogue based drug discovery Dr Nima Razzaghi-Asl May  2015
Long non-coding RNA and gastric cancer Dr Shahab Bohlooli April  2015
Revolution in cancer treatment "smart bullets period" Dr Ameneh Eslamparast February  2015
Pancreatic estrogen receptors and diabetes; Pharmacological and
toxicological approaches
Dr Sara Mostafalou January  2015
Molecular imprinted polymers: The artificial receptors for the target molecules Solmaz kia January  2015
Drug discovery: Pitfalls & opportunities Dr Nima Razzaghi-Asl January  2015
Calcium channel blockers (CBBs): Are they good or bad? Dr Shahab Bohlooli November  2014
CD44v8-10 is a cancer-specific marker for gastric cancer stem cells Yasamin Pahlavan November  2014
A novel traumatic brain injury model for induction of mild brain injury in rats Dr Tahereh Ghadiri November  2014
Peptide mediated delivery of therapeutic nanoparticles to cells Dr Narges Shokri October  2014