Assessment has significant importance in medical education system. Because this system is responsible for the training of skilled and qualified workforce to provide health care. Hence thequality of education and research at the Medical Uuniversity should be evaluated and improved permanently to accomplishmission and goals of the health system. In this regard, a standard assessment system should continually evaluate and judge the efficacy of inputs (students, faculty, curriculum, etc.), outputs (graduates, publications, etc.) and processes (teaching, learning, facilities, etc.), and report to decision-makers in order to improve education, research and professional services.


  1. Develop new methods of analysis for evaluating learning process, and give feedback and advice to the faculty
  2. Faculty development program focused on new methods of assessment
  3. Direct the accreditation of education
  4. Implement internal and external evaluation collaboratively
  5. Investigate the assessment of training programsto get the measure of academic achievement
  6. Report to the Education Development Center at the University of Medical Science

Faculty evaluation

Curriculum evaluation