Official opening of Ardabil province USERN Office

  • 8/24/19 10:28 AM

On Tuesday 20 August 2019, the USERN office of Ardabil province was opened officially with attendance of Dr Nima Rezaei (Professor of Immunology of Tehran University of Medical Sciences and founder of USERN), Dr Shahab Bohlooli (Vice-chancellor of research and technology of University), Dr Nima Razzaghi-Asl (Dean of Pharmacy school), Dr Mohsen Sagha (Director of research development and evaluation of University) Dr Elham Safarzadeh (Head of University student research committee), Dr Saghi Sepehri (Head of School student research committee) and a group of Pharm.D students at Ardabil pharmacy school. The members of Ardabil USERN office were introduced as the following:

  • Dr Shahab Bohlooli: the founder of Arrums USERN
  • Donya Doostkamel: executive secretary
  • Radin Alikhani: student secretary
It should be noted that USERN is the official acronym of Universal Scientific Education and Research Network. USERN was established by Dr Nima Rezaei at the end of 2015 in order to remove any border among sciences.