Mitochondrial alterations in cancer cells; Potential for new therapies

  • 1/4/17 3:30 PM

Instructor: Dr Ahmad Salimi, Assistant professor of Toxicology

Date: Wednesday, January 04, 2017

Start Time: 12:00

Venue: Meeting Room

* For faculties

Presentation language: English


Mitochondria are organelles that play essential roles in cellular metabolism and programmed cell death pathways. Genomic, functional and structural mitochondrial alterations have been associated with cancer. Some of those alterations may provide a selective advantage to cells. Due to the specific alterations that occur in cancer cell mitochondria, these organelles may provide promising targets for cancer therapy.

This journal club focuses on the most relevant mitochondrial alterations found in tumor cells, their contribution to cancer progression and survival, and potential usefulness for stratification and therapy.