Holding workshop in 15th Iranian pharmaceutical sciences congress

  • 10/24/17 10:39 AM

On Tuesday, October 17, 2017, subsequent to the invitation of vice-dean for research of the Hamadan University of Medical science and in the line of holding 15th Iranian Pharmaceutical Sciences Congress, a workshop on "Molecular Modeling" was held by Dr Nima Razzaghi-Asl (assistant professor of medicinal chemistry, Pharmacy School of Ardabil) at computer laboratory of Hamadan medicine faculty.

PharmD students of Hamadan University and some other post-graduate students from other universities of medical sciences participated in this 8-hour workshop. It should be noted that Saba Rezvani & Radin Alikhani (incoming 2014 PharmD students) and Reza Mamizadeh (incoming 2013 PharmD student) participated in the congress & actively collaborated in holding the event.

Ardabil school of Pharmacy acknowledges their efforts and wishes them increasing success.  

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