Holding the specialized journal club entitled "3D Printing Technology in Pharmaceutical Drug Products"

  • 9/9/18 1:46 PM
  • Sepideh Dashti

On Wednesday September 05, 2018, the specialized journal club entitled "3D Printing Technology in Pharmaceutical Drug Products" was held in meeting room of pharmacy school by presentation of Dr Leila Rezaie (Assistant Professor of Pharmaceutics), and participation of faculties of pharmacy school.


3D printers are computerized fabricators that can producecomplex 3D objects using data generated by computer software. The key advantage of constructing objects in this way is the option of creating intricate structures, for example, complex internal cavities, or a combination of multiple materials in a single step.Physicians and pharmacists will be able to change the next dose or drug combinations according topatient’s altering needs reflected by the transmitted data.Several 3D printing technologies have been employed to fabricate solid dosage forms for oral drug delivery and they have evolved with several patent application sand an FDA approved product to be introduced to the market (Spritam(levetiracetam)claims up to 1000 mg dose strength).