Congratulations to top students of academic year 2015-2016 / semester 2
Incoming 2014

  • 10/30/16 10:59 AM

Dear students!
The School congratulates your success on passing 2nd semester of academic year 2015-2016.
Excellence isn't a skill - it's an attitude;
Keep up your good work and continue to strive for perfection! 

Top students:

  • Amir Mohammad Ghorbanpour ; GPA:17.66
  • Radin Alikhani; GPA:17.28
  • Sana Ahde No (transfer student); GPA:17.18
  • Majid Zarei; GPA:16.95

Top achiever: Amir Mohammad Ghorbanpour
GPA: 17.66

I was born in Amol (1996). I have been selected as the top 1% of the class during last 4 semesters and I was also chosen as the top student of School in 2015. I attended in the 20th national annual seminar of pharmacy students as the nominee of the school. I am interested in executing research projects about antibody therapy and clinical Pharmacy branches. I also read philosophical and historical books in my leisure time.

Second rank: Radin Alikhani
GPA: 17.28

I was born in Bandar Anzali (1996). I began to learn English when I was 7 years old and obtained my English diploma in 2012. In the same year, I was selected as the elite of English. In 2015, I won the first place in the 2ndannual seminar of Ardabil pharmacy students which was held in English. I am interested in research and laboratory works. I was selected as one of the top student researchers of the university in 2015.

Third rank: Sana Ahdeno (transfer student)
GPA: 17.18

I was born in Tabriz (1996) and I was graduated from a Farzaneghan high school for intelligent students there. I like pharmacy science and I am interested in research and laboratory fields. My hobbies are learning english and playing piano.

I think the success is a long-term goal that requires motivation and patience.

Third rank: Majid Zarei
GPA: 16.95

I was born in Mehraban district (1995), in Sarab County, East Azerbaijan Province and I also spent my pre-university studies successfully there. I am interested in clinical research works and prefer to study in my free time.