Congratulations to top students of academic year 2015-2016 / semester 2
Incoming 2013

  • 10/31/16 9:59 AM

Dear students!
The School congratulates your success on passing 2nd semester of academic year 2015-2016.
Excellence isn't a skill - it's an attitude;
Keep up your good work and continue to strive for perfection! 

Students with GPA more than 17:

  • Peyman Kordpour; GPA:19.24
  • Sajad Tavangar Falah; GPA:17.20
  • Ali Seraj-Yaaghoubi; GPA:17.17

Top achiever:
Peyman Kordpour (GPA: 19.24)

I was born in Bookan (1994). In my opinion I have not achieved extraordinary scientific results up to now but becoming the top student in 3rd to 6th semesters was important and helped me much in planning for my future. My most favorite and enjoyable hobby is studying. I am also interested in listening to music, running, and following/interpretation of political news.

Second rank:
Sajad Tavangar Falah (GPA: 17.20)

I was born in Karaj (1994) and I also spent my pre-university studies there. I am interested in contribution to research and clinical projects, studying. I also play football, go swimming and play computer games in my leisure time. I am so appreciative to God for achieving such success and I hope this event can be as a bridge to future success.

Third rank:
Ali Seraj-Yaaghoubi (GPA: 17.17)

I was born in Ardabil (1994). I graduated high school from SAMPAD (a school for intelligent students) as a top-ranked student. After entering the School of Pharmacy, I could be selected as high ranked students in academic terms of 1, 3 and 5. I also achieved the second rank in the basic sciences test. I study and exercise in my leisure time.