Congratulations to top students of academic year 2015-2016 / semester 1
Incoming 2015

  • 3/9/16 10:59 AM


The brightest future will always be based on an effortful past.
You can’t go forward in life until
You have a definite decision to achieve your goal.

The School provides good luck and happiness for the top students of incoming 2015 students in 1st semester of academic year 2015-2016.

Top achiever:
Ayda Mahdavi (GPA: 18.73)

I was born in Tehran (1997). I was graduated from Shahid Beheshti Public exemplary high school successfully. I was interested in chemistry and this was the reason for selecting pharmacy as my major in university. In spite of many problems (living in the dormitory and being apart from my parents) I am so appreciative to God for achieving such success.

Second rank:
Sana Mohammadi (GPA: 18.30)

I was born in Tabriz (1997). I was graduated from Farzaneghan high school successfully. Because of my interests in chemistry and mathematics, I decided to study Pharmacy. I am glad to achieve such success in spite of being apart from my parents.

Third rank:
Saman Atashbar (GPA: 18.21)

I was born in Mahabad (1997) and I was graduated from a high school for intelligent students there. I am interested in research fields of Pharmacy and my hobbies are studying, reading books, following the news, listening to music, and doing exercise.

Students with GPA more than 17:

  • Ayda Mahdavi; GPA:18.73
  • Sana Mohammadi; GPA:18.30
  • Saman Atashbar; GPA:18.21
  • Niloufar hashemi; GPA:18.07
  • Mohammad-Bagher Naghizadeh; GPA:17.62
  • Elahe Baghal; GPA:17.23
  • Sadaf Khaki; GPA:17.09