Congratulations on the acceptance of students' paper abstracts in IPSS

  • 1/15/18 12:46 PM

Students of the Ardabil pharmacy school accepted their paper abstracts in 21st Iranian Pharmacy Students' Seminar (IPSS). 

The school congratulates this event and wishes more success for them.

21st Iranian pharmacy students' seminar (IPSS) will be held in the pharmacy school of Ahvaz Jondishapour university of medical sciences (IPSS21) (6-9 March, 2018). 

Aynaz Didevar-Asl (incoming 2013 student)


  1. Evaluating the awareness and importance of Tehran people about the presence of pharmacist in pharmacy and her/his duties
  2. Study on the problems of pharmaceutical industry in İran from economic aspect and offering possible solutions 

Supervisor: Dr Leila Rezaie Shirmard

Division: Pharmacy and general health

Presentation: Poster

Click here to read the abstract.

Sahar Mirzayi (incoming 2014 student)

Title: Prediction and introduction of novel selective COX-2 inhibitors as anti-inflammatory and anti-cancer agents using structure-based virtual screening and molecular dynamics simulation

Supervisor: Dr Saghi Sepehri

Division: Medicinal chemistry

Presentation: Oral

Click here to read the abstract.

Radin Alikhani (incoming 2014 student)

Title: Analysis of intermolecular binding interactions for novel cytotoxic 2,5-disubstituted oxadiazoles versus cancer relevant targets 

Supervisor: Dr Nima Razzaghi-Asl

Division: Medicinal chemistry

Presentation: Poster

Click here to read the abstract.

Ata Ahmadi (incoming 2016 student)

Title: Mitoxantrone-loaded aptamer-quantum dot nanoconjugates for cancer theranostics

Supervisor: Dr Mohammad Johari Ahar

Division: Pharmaceutical nanotechnology

Presentation: Oral

Click here to read the abstract.