Compiled chapter of the book "Free Radicals and Diseases" by
Dr Ahmad Salimi

  • 11/5/16 9:27 AM

The chapter entitled Role of Oxygen Free Radicals in Cancer Development and Treatment of the book "Free Radicals and Diseases" was compiled by Dr Jalal Pour Ahmad (Full professor of Toxicology), Dr Ahmad Salimi (Assistant professor of Toxicology) and Dr Enayatollah Seydi (Assistant professor of Toxicology).

The book of "Free Radicals and Diseases" integrates knowledge in free radical-associated diseases from the basic level to the advanced level, and from the bench side to bed side. The chapters in this book provide an extensive overview of the topic, including free radical formations and clinical interventions and the chapter written by Dr Salimi and cooperations shows the importance of oxygen free radicals in cancer development and treatment.

It should be mentioned that book is published by InTech publisher. InTech publisher is the world's largest science, technology and medicine open access book publisher with a goal to provide free online access to researches. A collection of their books is indexed by the Book Citation Index in the Web of Science™ Core Collection (BKCI).

School of pharmacy congratulates this achievement and wishes them increasing success.