Compilation of one chapter of the book " Polyphenols: Prevention and Treatment of Human Disease " by Dr Ahmad Salimi

  • 8/12/18 9:45 AM
  • Sepideh Dashti

Dr Ahmad Salimi (Assistant Professor of Toxicology), co-authored with Dr Jalal Pourahmad (Professor of toxicology) has been able to compile 1 chapter of the book "Polyphenols: Prevention and Treatment of Human Disease" entitled "Role of natural compounds in prevention and treatment of chronic lymphocytic leukemia". 

It should be noted that Dr Ahmad Salimi has been the first author of this chapter and the content of this chapter is derived from his Ph.D thesis. The book is published by "Academic Press-Elsevier" and indexed in PubMed, ISI and Scopus databases.

The school of pharmacy wishes increasing success for him.

Chapter 16: Role of Natural Compounds in Prevention and Treatment of Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia

"Polyphenols in Prevention and Treatment of Human Disease", second edition authoritatively covers evidence of the powerful health benefits of polyphenols, touching on cardiovascular disease, cancer, obesity, diabetes and osteoporosis. This collection represents the contributions of an international group of experts in polyphenol research who share their expertise in endocrinology, public health, cardiology, pharmacology, agriculture and veterinary science. Researchers from diverse backgrounds will gain insight into how clinical observations and practices can feed back into the research cycle, thus allowing them to develop more targeted insights into the mechanisms of disease. This reference fills a void in research where nutritionists and alternative therapies may be applicable.

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