11th meeting of the SRC

  • 10/21/17 11:40 AM

11th meeting of the central council of student research committee was held with attendance of Dr Ahmad Salimi (the head of committee) and members of the central council at SRC office of pharmacy school on Saturday, October 21, 2017. The following people were elected as the head of committee units:

  •          Secretary of the committee: Amir Mohammad Ghorbanpour
  •          Secretary of Seminar: Mohsen Azad
  •          Information Technology (IT): Mahdi Abdiyan
  •          Publications: Daniel Gholamin
  •          Responsible for holding the workshops: Donya Doost-kamel
  •          Responsible for holding the journal club: Meysam Sabour
  •          Public relations: Peyman Mamizadeh

Ardabil school of pharmacy wishes more success for them