10th meeting of the SRC

  • 4/20/16 11:40 AM

10th meeting of the "Central Council of Student Research Committee" was held with attendance of Dr Nima Razzaghi-Asl (Head of committee) and members of the central council at SRC office of Pharmacy school on Sunday, April 17, 2016. Some of the approved issues were as follows:

1. Election of Radin Alikhani, Amirmohammad Ghorbanpour & Saba Rezani as the research council members of the SRC

2. Electing the head of Committee units:

  • Public Relations: Radin Alikhani
  • Empowerment: Mostafa Vaziri
  • IT: Danial Gholamein
  • Publications: Amir Mohammad Ghorbanpour

3. Bringing up new ideas concerning with the regular sessions of free discussion by the English working group